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Following numerous years of experience in the areas of communication, entertainment and training, and with a broad knowledge of techniques and their associated problems, StudioRosi became a full production studio.

We would like to present two new and different products in animation: Fantasy News and Tonfi, which you can learn more about on their dedicated websites. Both of these projects are the brain childs of StudioRosi and have been completely created, designed, animated and brought to life in trailers that you can view.

Both are targeted to young audiences, ranging from 2-3 years up to 12-13 years of age. They were created to satisfy different needs of programming as well as being high quality products that fit within most budgets.

The material you can view on their webistes has another added value: the production can begin immediately and does not require any further development.

Fantasy News
An animated series for children 8-13 years of age.
An animated series for children of preschool age.
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