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In most vertical organisations, each individual operates within a specific skill which can usually be defined by the framework of their professional resume. In a studio, in our studio, the value of experience and personal qualities is the added value that multiplies the creative possibilities of our group.

Like in an archipelago, each individual in our studio represents an island that is inexplicably connected to all of the others islands and adapt perfectly to each new project under development.

If you come to visit us in the studio, you will find the Creative Director composing music; a physicist who knows all about software, plays the flugelhorn and is actively involved in environmental and social activities; a shady audiovisual and animation expert with an inborn passion for sport and photography; a screenwriter who had directed a satirical newspaper and has written for the theatre and acted in improvised theatre, makes bread and is part of the "Decrescita felice" group; a designer who also happens to be an excellent cook.

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